Technical Features
Body Material Ductile Iron
Disc Material
Ductile Iron
Standard DIN EN 593 – Double Flanged
Face to Face DIN EN 558 Series 14 (DIN 3202 F4)
Flange Dimension DIN Flanges acc. to EN 1092-2/B (DIN 2501)
Options Rubber lining, Hydraulic damper
Flange Connection
  • Ductile Iron Dikkan double flanged tilting type check valves with replaceable EPDM sealing ring and stainless steel shaft supported by bronze bearing bush. Body seat stainless steel welded and microfinished, with lever and adjustable counter weight, weight loaded lever can be mounted on the right and left side, face to face length acc. to EN 558 Series 14, suitable for vertical and horizontal mounting.
  • Application: Neutral water, drinking water, waste water, irrigation lines, water supply stations.
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